“पद्मिनी नायके मेषे कुम्भ राशि गते गुरोः
गंगा द्वारे अभिभूत योग: कुम्भ नाम चतुर्मुख।“

Haridwar Kumbh Mela is very significant according to astrology as it creates a powerful surge of cosmic energies over the area. The position of the sun, moon and Jupiter holds a very auspicious place is determining the location of Kumbh Mela. The Kumbh Mela of Haridwar is held when the sun enters in Aries sign and Jupiter is in the Aquarius constellation after it completes the cycle of 12 zodiac signs 11 years,11 month and 27 days. That means after every 12 years when Jupiter enter Aquarius and the sun enter Aries zodiac the conglomeration of purna Kumbh Mela at Haridwar happens. Now, this time the position of the sun will be in Aries and Jupiter will enter Pisces in 2022 at hence every eight Kumbh Mela occurs after 11 years and this is why Haridwar Kumbh Mela is happening in 2021 instead of 2022.

Bathing Dates

“कुम्भ राशिगते जीवे यद्द्विनेशन मशगे रवौ।
हरिद्वारे कृतसंसाननं पुनरावृत्तिवर्जनम्। "

This shloka further confirms the astrological significance of Haridwar purna Kumbh Mela that taking a holy dip in Ganga under this powerful cosmic surcharge will free you from the cycle of birth and death and attain salvation.

First Shahi Snan

11 March 2021

Lord Shiva held Ganga in his locks when Ganga descended from heaven with an enormous force. It is a day of convergence of materialistic things with spirituality hence taking a holy dip on this day will lead you towards spirituality.

Second Shahi Snan

12 April 2021
Somvati amavasya

it is a Sanskrit word that translated as a new moon that occurs on Monday which is considered highly auspicious in Hindu culture. Taking a holy dip into Ganga is considered as taking a dip in Amrit.

Third Shahi Snan

14 April 2021
Mesh sankraanti & Baisakhi

It is a celebration of the solar new year and the time duration of Punya Kaal muhrat which is a total of 16 hours. This time is highly auspicious for taking bath in the river as the water turns into nectar.

Fourth Shahi Snan

27 April 2021
Chaitra Poornima

Referred to as the day of Amrit yoga it is one of the most auspicious day to take a bath in the holy Ganga.

How To Reach




Kumbh Mela is one of the most auspicious and religious gatherings in the world that occurs every 12 years. It is a congregation of millions of people that gathered all together in the hope of getting free from the never-ending cycle of life and death and attain salvation. The mass gathering of Kumbh Mela 2021 comes with the promise of an eternal life that is full of sins and it is a festival that shows the power of faith that can even move the mountain. The festival of pitcher that is Kumbh Mela comes with a promise to which millions of devotees adhere too and it is that promise that made the festival of Kumbh Mela what it is today. The Haridwar Kumbh Mela 2021 has started on 14th January 2021 and will end on 27 April 2021.

The history behind the auspicious event of Kumbh Mela

The history and origin of Kumbh Mela can be traced back to the Puranas and mythologies. It is said that god and demons churned the ocean(Samudra Manthan) for the pitcher of nectar which was supposed to be equally distributed among them. However, when the pot of nectar emerged the demons took it and ran away due to which a fight broke between gods and demon. This fight continued to 12 long days and night which is equivalent to 12 human years hence the festival of Kumbh Mela occurs at the period of 12 years. During that chasing, a few drops of nectar actually fell on four places named Haridwar, Prayag, Nashik and Ujjain and gave mystical power to these places. Hence the Kumbh Mela is celebrated in these places. It is said that visiting the Kumbh Mela and taking the sacred dip in the holy water will let one imbibe the essences of mystical power, immortality and purity that nectar contained and lead you to salvation.

Astrological significance of Haridwar Kumbh Mela 2021

Depending on the position of the sun, moon and Jupiter in different zodiac sign the location of Kumbh Mela is decided. And, that makes the Kumbh Mela 2021 special as this is taking place in 11 years, not in the 12th year and this is happening after 83 years. The Kumbh Mela at Haridwar occurs when the sun is in Aries and Jupiter is in the Aquarius zodiac after completing the 12-zodiac sign in 11 years, 11 month and 27 days. That means after 12 years Jupiter moves in Aquarius and the sun moves in Aries the significant event of Maha Kumbh (purna Kumbh Mela) takes places. However, every eight Kumbh Mela occur after 11 years in 2021 instead of 2022. At this time a nexus of cosmic supercharge will happen at the whole place. Hence taking a holy dip in Ganga will promote strong spiritual growth, health and take you a step further to achieve salvation (moksha).

Types of Kumbh Mela

The festival of the pitcher or Kumbh Mela occurs every 12 years in four holy places named Haridwar, Ujjain, Prayag raj and Nashik. At Prayag raj, it is held at the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. Haridwar at the bank of Ganga, Nasik at bank of Godavari and Ujjain at bank of Shipra.

The normal Kumbh Mela:occurs at the duration of 3 year Ardh Kumbh Mela: occurs at the duration of every 6 years only at Haridwar and Prayag raj Purna kumbh mela: Held at every 12 year at Ujjain, Nashik, Haridwar and prayagraj Maha Kumbh Mela: This grand occasion only happens at 144 years.

Haridwar Kumbh Mela 2021 shahi snan dates

The auspicious event of purna Kumbh Mela has already begun on 14 January 2021 on Makar Sankranti. Here are the important dates of shahi snan Kumbh Mela:

First shahi snan: 11 March mahashivratri
Second shahi snan: 12 April 2021 somvati Amavasya
Third shahi snan: 14 april 2021: Baisakhi and mesh Sankranti
Fourth shahi snan: 27 April 2021 Chaitra Purnima which is also marked as Haridwar Kumbh Mela 2021 end date.

Haridwar Kumbh Mela 2021 guidelines: for registration

The effect of covid-19 is also seen at the Haridwar Kumbh Mela-2021 as the government of Uttarakhand has already imposed a lot of restriction to prevent the spread of covid-19 among devotees. All the bathing areas are already divided into green, red and yellow zones. Here are the new Haridwar Kumbh Mela guidelines one has to follow if they are visiting Haridwar to take part in the auspicious occasion of Haridwar Kumbh Mela.

  • All the travelers have to register themselves with the Uttarakhand government on their official website.
  • Here you have to fill in the details such as name, address, phone number, number of travelers and modes of transportation.
  • You have to submit a negative Covid test report either in hard copy or on your phone (not older than 72 hours before your date of visit) and your address proof. If you have already vaccinated then you have to show the certificate.
  • If you are staying in a hotel or a Dharamshala you have to mention its name, or whether you are visiting for a day.

Haridwar Kumbh Mela 2021 guidelines for covid-19 (as per SOP issued by Uttarakhand government)

As we have already mentioned that all the passenger has to carry a negative covid-19 RTPCR report with a test date of not older than 72 hours. And, also register themselves with the government of Uttarakhand.

  • The use of the face mask is compulsory for every traveler.
  • Tourist has to obtain a compulsory medical certificate from their nearest community center.
  • Pregnant ladies, children below 10 year and elders above the age of 65 years with medical condition such as hypertension, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung condition should avoid visiting Kumbh Mela.
  • One has to wash their hands with soap frequently and use sanitizer available.
  • Every traveller has to install the Arogya setu app on their mobile.
  • Spitting is strictly prohibited.
  • Only use bathing ghat that is authorized by Mela administration and is nearest to Mela area.

Where to stay during your visit to Haridwar Kumbh Mela 2021

As the religious conglomeration of Kumbh Mela has begun in Haridwar we are seeing the presence of devotees from all around the country making their way to the holy city. For their comfortable stay every hotel, ashram and Dharamshala has prepared themselves keeping the guidelines of covid-19 in their mind.

Here are the best places to stay during Haridwar Kumbh Mela 2021

Prem Nagar ashram

This ashram is situated on the jawalpur road Haridwar, this place is ideal for people who want to indulge in meditation. From this ashram, one can also view the shrines of Mansa Devi and Chandi Devi.

AYM hotels in Rishikesh

Located in the upper tapovan area of Rishikesh this budget hotel is the best place to stay during your visit to Kumbh Mela. AYM hotels offer you the best accommodation and food in your budget and the best part is that you can also indulge in their yoga retreat in the Rishikesh program if you are in the state for a week.

Rishikesh Yog Mandir

Rishikesh Yog Mandir is another ashram that is located in the upper tapovan area of Rishikesh. This yoga ashram offers you a surreal view of the Himalaya and abundant nature. The best part is that the ashram is near to the Haridwar and also away from the hustle-bustle of Kumbh Mela. Indulge in their yoga retreat in Rishikesh and yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh if you want to extend your stay in Uttarakhand.

Jairam Ashram

Jairam Ashram is situated on the Bhim Goda on Rishikesh road. Jairam Ashram offers the ideal lodging services to the devotes in their budget. One can view the statue of Samudram Manthan, god and goddess from the ashram. One of the best places to live for nature lover and peace seekers.

Santoshpuri ashram

Surrounded by forest on one side and river Ganga on the other santoshpuri ashram offers the devotees the best experience of nature, peace and spirituality. The distance of the ashram from Haridwar is 7 kilometers and Rishikesh is only 18 kilometers away so you can easily access both the city.