Yoga Mudra And Its Benefits

The human body is made up of five-element, earth, fire, water, ether, and air. Each of the fingers represents the five elements of the universe. In order to live your life in a healthy and balanced way, it is important to practice yoga mudra. In Sanskrit, the word mudra is a hand gesture that directs the flow of energy in our body. Different areas of our hands have the ability to influence all the energies of the body. When we perform yoga mudras, it connects the different areas of hands that guide the flow of energies of specific areas of the brain. There are many hand mudras that are designed to bring different benefits to the body. When these yoga mudras are performed it helps in balancing all the elements of the body. If one wants to learn about these yoga mudras in a detailed manner then one can enroll in 200-hour Ayurveda TTC in Rishikesh.

Here are some commonly used yoga mudras in Ayurveda that you can perform on daily basis.

Gyan mudra

It is one of the most common yoga mudras. Gyan mudra help to brings a great sense of openness and calmness in meditation. Join the tip of your thumb to your index finger while keeping your other fingers straight. Although the best time to practice this mudra is morning however you can practice it anytime during the day. The regular practice of Gyan mudra helps in increasing concentration, memory and eases stress, anxiety, and depression.

Anjali mudra

Anjali mudra is one of the most common and familiar yoga mudras. In this yoga mudra both the palm come together in front of the heart. Press both the palm together near the heart space. Anjali mudra represents the love and respect towards yourself and the universe. Anjali mudra connects both the hemisphere of the brain and acts as a natural remedy for stress and anxiety.

Prana mudra

Prana or the life force is where everything begins and to begin with this mudra press the tip of your thumb on the tip of your ring finger and little finger and keep the rest of the fingers straight. Practicing prana mudra activates the dormant energy of the body hence can be practiced when you feel drained out and need that boost of energy. Also, practicing this yoga mudra is beneficial for the eyes, reduces the deficiency of vitamins and the immunity of the body to fight against the diseases.

Surya mudra

To begin with, Surya mudra, press the base of the thumb to the knuckle of your ring finger while keeping the rest of your finger straight. Surya mudra is known to stimulate the solar or fire element in the body. Surya mudra, when practiced regularly, is known to improve the metabolism of the body and also help in maintaining the optimal body temperature. The regular practice of Surya mudra helps in reducing extra body fat and cholesterol from the body.

Varun mudra

Intended to deal with the water element of the body Varun mudra prevents all the ailments that deal with the water element in the body. To perform the Varun mudra press the tip of the thumb to the tip of your little finger keeping the rest of the finger straight without any stress. One can perform this yoga mudra anytime in the day. If you want your skin moisturized and supple then practicing Varun mudra can help you a lot.

Buddhi mudra

To practice buddhi mudra start by touching the tip of your little finger to your thumb together and make sure that the other three fingers should be kept straight upward and kept close. The regular practice of buddhi mudra helps in attaining mental clarity. One of the most widely used yoga mudra in kundalini yoga is known to improve your communication between your inner and outer self. It also helps in connecting to your intuitive self.

Apan mudra

Apan mudra is one of the important yoga mudra described in Ayurveda yoga ttc in rishikesh as it deals with digestion and detoxification of the body. To begin with, Apan mudra sits in sukhasana and touch the tip of your ring finger and middle finger to your thumb and keep the rest of the finger relaxed. The regular practice of Apan mudra is to improve the digestion of the body and help in the elimination of waste and toxic material out of the body as well as detoxify the entire body leaving you light and fresh. Also, the practice of this yoga mudra helps in overcoming ailments such as constipation, urinary infection, and diabetes, etc.