What is panchakarma treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurveda, an ancient Vedic system of healing that is solely based on creating a healthy balance in our body system with the help of diet, ayurvedic treatment, and yoga. Derived from a Sanskrit word Ayu that means life and Veda mean science that accounts for the science of life. It is a science of creating a well-balanced life that helps you to achieve longevity and prevent the disease from getting a foothold in your body.

Ayurveda states that everybody is a combination of unique cosmic elements-Air, ether, water, earth, and fire. Vata constitute of air and ether, Kapha is a combination of water and fire, and Kapha constitutes of water and earth, and these three constitute Tridosha. Every individual is constructed with these three dosha, and when there is an imbalance in these doshas, it leads to disorders.

What is panchakarma?

Today’s stressful daily lives and hectic schedules exhaust you from inside out, and just taking a few days off from your schedule and going for a vacation is not enough to rejuvenate you. Your body needs detoxification and healing from outside as well as inside.

Panchkarma is the most effective ayurvedic therapy when it comes to healing for detoxification, purification, strengthening, and creating healthy wellbeing. Panchkarma is a Sanskrit word that means five therapies are an integral part of Ayurveda to detoxify the body. Panchkarma restores the balance and removes the excess dosha. It eliminates the harmful ama from the body system through our own body channels and purifies it on a deeper level. Ayurveda highly recommends panchakarma detox therapy to maintain physical and mental hygiene and balance.

It detoxifies body and mind

For maintaining healthy wellbeing, it is crucial to maintain a strong digestive fire and eliminate toxins simultaneously from the body. Panchkarma is an ayurvedic therapy that restores the inner balance and vitality of the body. This series of therapies help to remove deep-rooted stress and illness while balancing doshas. Panchkarma treatments consist of five therapies: Vamana, virechana, Nyasa, Basti, and Raktamokshana

Vamana Karma:

Vamana is also known as medical vomiting, which is induced by medicated drink. This treatment is done to relieve you from Kapha doshas and remove toxins accumulated mainly on the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract. When Kapha increase in the body, it can lead to various ailments like cough and cold, etc. and Vamana karma is done to remove that excess Kapha from the body.


Also known as purgation therapy, and is predominantly prescribed for pitta dosha. When pitta is secreted in excess, it gets accumulated in the gall bladder, small intestine, and liver that leads to skin rashes, inflammation, etc. In Virechan, the purgation happens through the clearing of bowels by giving by oleation inside and outside. This melts the toxins, and afterward, the patient is given a natural purgative in a controlled manner that helps in further removal of toxins.


It is one of the most effective treatments for Vata disorder and is mainly dominated in the large intestine. In Basti, toxins are pulled out from your colon with the help of herbal enema. Basti is one of the most effective treatments in panchakarma therapy when it comes to the treatment of Vata dominated diseases like piles, arthritis, and constipation.


in this therapy, specifically prescribed herbal oil and drops are inhaled through both the nostrils. It is highly effective in purging and clearing head areas. This treatment is a combination of deep head and shoulder massage followed by regulation of medicated oil in your nostrils. This treatment helps in combating the dryness nasal passage, which is the root of many respiratory diseases. It also helps in treating and cleansing for various cerebral pain, headache.


This treatment is basically for purification of blood and applicable to various ailments related to the impure blood. In this blood is removed from the vessels with the help of surgical elements like needles that help in the removal of toxins from the blood and purifies it. This treatment is done on the particular area of the body or whole body that depends on the patient’s condition. Raktamokshan is done, especially in the treatment of psoriasis, varicose veins, and other skin infections.