Weight Loss and Dosha balance with Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient wellness science that has originated in India and has been around for thousands of years. The concept of Ayurvedic diet is based on the principles of Ayurvedic medicines with the aim of balancing the energies or doshas within the body. This helps in achieving the balance and improving the overall health of mind and body. Whether if you are novice to the concept of Ayurveda you might have heard about the doshas and wondered about it. As per the concept of Ayurveda doshas are the energies of the body that governs all the functions of the body. Ayurveda states that world is made up of five universal forces space, earth, fire , water and air and these universal forces combine to form three energies or doshas.

Types of doshas

Everybody in this world is made up of a unique combination of these doshas. Every individual posses the characteristics of three doshas with the dominancy of one dosha. If these doshas run out of the balance can affect your physical and mental health heavily. There are three major types of doshas.

Vata Dosha (air and space)

Vata dosha is associated with dryness and control the functions like digestion, blood circulation and breathing. When out of balance they may experience issue with their digestive system, weightloss, stress and anxiety. To balance vata dosha eat warm food, such as stew, soup, warm milk, nut butter and hot cereals and avoid cold food and beverages.

Pitta dosha (water and fire)

Pitta dosha are generally of medium build, intelligent and joyful. Pitta dosha controls the function of digestion, hormones and our metabolism. When out of balance individual may suffer from heart disease, inflammation and high blood pressure. To bring balance drink herbal teas, vegetarian food and milk and avoid alcohol, hot spices, oily food and hot drinks.

Kapha dosha

Kaphas are generally have a sturdier frame, calm and lethargic in nature. Kapha dosha control strength, muscle growth and immunity. When out of balance individual can experience weight gain, diabetes, fluid retention and diabetes. To bring balance in kapha dosha individual must indulge in whole food, fresh fruits and vegetables, well spiced and cooked food and avoid the intake of dairy and artificial sweetener.

Ayurvedic perspective on weight loss

Ayurveda does not believe in short term goals it believes in making holistic lifestyle changes for successful weightloss. By making gradual changes in your diet and lifestyle you can works towards your ideal weight. Here are some tips to lose weight holistically with Ayurveda.

Pratice yoga every morning

Establishing a daily yoga practice is the first step towards successful weightloss journey. Yoga is a powerful practice that works on mind, body and soul at the same time. It cleanses the body, stimulates the internal organs, increase the blood circulation and kindle the digestive agni and detox the body. Even though you are little constraint of time you can practice a sun salutation to wake up your whole body. Start with the practice of five repetition and gradually increases to 10 to 12 sets. Also if you are an existing yoga practitioner then you can go for our Ayurveda yoga teacher training in rishikesh as it will give a depth to your yoga practice.

Eat three well balanced meals

Eating three well balanced meals is best for our digestive agni without any snacking in between. For successful weightloss it is essential to maintain a healthy metabolism as well as fuelling our body with balanced nutrient rich diet.  Eating three digestible meals without any snacking will strikes a balance and encourage the digestive fire to grow stronger.

Zip your mouth before 7 pm

Eating a light dinner before 7 pm allows your body to empty itself naturally before your sleep that further more facilitate the natural detoxification process overnight.

Eat kapha pacifying diet

When kapha dosha increase it is important to include bitter, pungent food into your plate to bring balance. Eating a kapha pacifying diet helps in neutralizing excess kapha and help you achieve your desire weight. Choose whole-food, fresh fruits, and vegetables over processed food.

Include warm spices in your diet

Include spices such as cinnamon, clove and black pepper while cooking will gently invigorate the cooling and heavy tendencies of kapha. Using these spices will strengthen your digestive Agni and improve healthy assimilation of nutrient from the food.


When it comes to weightloss sleep is most important factor in losing weight.  It is best to take at least 7 to 8 hours of restful sleep that allows your body to unwind, relax and carry out the function of detoxification which is necessary for successful weightloss.