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Modern lifestyles come with its own perks and perils. As it has improved the quality of life for many people but also increases stress over the period of time. Stress can come in any form whether from your work, your friends and family and gradually over a period of time it piles up over you and turns into anxiety or even depression. Ayurveda is a powerful tool to deal with stress and help you in loving a peaceful life. Ayurveda suggests some of the powerful ways to combat the stress of day to day life and look for their internal constitution. According to Ayurveda the imbalance in Vata and pitta lead to stress in the body.

Here are some of the Ayurvedic approaches to reduce stress

Start your day with Ayurvedic Dincharya

In order to combat stress, it is important to start your day in the right manner. How you start your days set the tone for the rest of the day and if you set it right help you in balancing Vata. Wake up according to circadian rhythm and freshen up, Brush your teeth, scrape your tongue and practice oil pulling as it helps in removing toxins from the oral cavity. After practising oil pulling from 10 to 15 day you will notice that your sense of taste and it also helps in releasing tension from your jaw. Bath with warm water and follow the rest of the activity. Having a set routine help you to keep the stress away.

Practice Abhyanga

Abhyanga or self-massage is an absolute practice of self-care that has an immense benefit on your both physical body and on the nervous system. In Ayurveda Abhyanga and oil, massage is considered as the best therapy to eliminate stress from the body and creating calmness over the nervous system. In Practice abhyanga, before bathing rejuvenates your body tissues, increase blood circulation in the body and increase body energy. Daily practice of self-massage brings balance into mind and body and nourishes your soul.

Practice Yoga

When people are stressed the breath becomes shallow and yoga pick breathing as a tool and concentrates on the breathing exercise while transitioning from the pose.  It incorporates deep breathing exercises that help in reducing stress and anxiety. It improves lung capacity and increases oxygenation. Yoga helps in releasing tension from the body, improves blood circulation and rejuvenate your mind and body. Yoga improves sleep patterns, relax your body and induce parasympathetic nervous system. Daily practice of yoga improves the digestion, detoxification and effective proper elimination of toxin – this in turns help in reducing stress from the body.

Eat good food and herbs

If you are in stress then eating spicy and salty food aggravate the feeling of stress by increasing heat in the body and induce restlessness. Eat fresh and wholesome food prepared with mild spices and herbs help in reducing the fire element in the body. Use turmeric, cumin in your food that improves the blood circulation. Usage of ashwagandha and Brahmi in your diet will help in coping stress and anxiety by inducing calmness on the nervous system.

Meditate and let it go

Meditation is the best practice when it comes to managing stress and anxiety. Meditation helps in restoring your peace and calmness by developing awareness in the body. When we are stressed our mind tends to fluctuate a lot with past events and with the worry of the future. Meditation helps in focusing your mind in the present moment and let all the troubling thoughts of past and future pass away. Keep 10 to 15 minutes of your day aside to meditate and let go of all your troubling thought.

Go for an Ayurveda yoga retreat

We all know that today’s lifestyle is very hectic with most of the people are on a continuous roll. Most of the people are so much busy with office and day to day routine that it starts affecting their meal and sleeping time. Take a break and go for an Ayurvedic retreat in Rishikesh or a yoga retreat in Rishikesh and let yourself heal. Taking an Ayurvedic retreat in Rishikesh will give you a necessary break from all the chaos and also the daily practice of yoga and meditation along with Ayurvedic massage and diet discipline helps in bringing balance in your body which is necessary to get rid of stress.