How Yoga and Ayurveda can help you lead a more sustainable life | AYM Ayurveda School

Yoga and Ayurveda are the two sister science of wellness that has been originated from the same Vedic tree of ancient India. While the discipline of yoga helps you to create harmony in your mind, body and soul with the help of yoga asana and meditation. Ayurveda helps you to live your life in a healthy way through the means of your diet discipline and lifestyle modification. Incorporating both the discipline helps you in leading a more sustainable life.

How yoga helps you to lead a balanced life

Yoga is a derived from a Sanskrit word yuj that means ‘to unite’; unison with your inner self and also with your higher consciousness. Patanjali yoga sutra is one of the Darshana or system out of six Vedic systems; yoga represents the practical sides of all the six Darshana and outlines every prominent methods and principle that is beneficial for developing a healthy body and a sound mind. Yoga when practiced regularly not only brings various health benefits but also teach you to enhance your overall life by integrating the teaching of Patanjali yoga sutra in your life. Ashtanga path or eightfold path in the yoga sutra are mentioned as a guideline for human beings to live their life according to the yogic path and you can learn more about it in 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

Known as Yama these guidelines actually help you to live your life in a balance. While the teaching of ahimsa teaches you to be kind to not only everyone but also to yourself; Satya teaches you to practice truthfulness in your life. Asteya is all about non-stealing but it is so much more than that; we always have the tendency to say that I am not good enough that purely comes out from the lack of faith we are having in our subconscious. As we move through the practice we learned that we are enough in our own self. The practice of brahmacharya teach you to lead your life in a balanced way and the Aparigrah teach you the habit of non-attachment that means let go of things and relations when they serve their purpose or the time is right.

Practicing these tools helps in healing your mind however if you want to use yoga as healing tools then you have to turn it into Ayurvedic way. When we talk about an Ayurvedic approach it means to align with nature and its elements and principles as it is known as the science of life.

How it leads to a sustainable living

Ayurveda equipped us with the tools that we need to understand about health and how we can achieve it. It teaches us that what is unsustainable for our mind is also bad for our body and one should always take care of the self so that they can take care of the others- Abhyanga or self-massage is such a practice described in Ayurveda. In the science of life, there is no concept of one size fits all as we all are the unique mind-body constitution and outlines these constitutions- Vata, pitta and Kapha. It teaches us to live according to circadian rhythm and eat wholesome food accordingly to live your life to the fullest.

It is a concept in Ayurveda that food is medicine and it is treated as a primary tool in bringing your mind and body into the balance. According to Ayurveda, one should eat their meals at a fixed time period with your heaviest meal should be lunch and no snacking in between. This fuels your digestive Agni and boosts your healthy wellbeing.

A preventive approach to healthy living

Ayurveda is a preventive approach to the health that targets the root of the disease by taking the assessment of their dosha and other physical, a mental aspect that has lead to imbalances. And provide you with the right tool to prevent and cure it through the means of diet, exercise, proper relaxation, and lifestyle changes.

Both of the healing science of yoga and Ayurveda brings the healing and spiritual component of each discipline and bring harmony to the life of an individual. These both holistic disciplines are now become much more relevant than ever in supporting the individual to lead a more sustainable and balanced life.