How to test your immunity with Ayurveda

Do I have a strong immune system or a weak immune system??  With the ongoing global pandemic of corona virus, immunity has become the talk of the town. We are facing a global pandemic and at the intensity at which the number of cases increases it has become a necessity to stay healthy and developing an immunity to fight infection. This ongoing pandemic has left us wondering about how immune we are actually to get through this coronavirus pandemic.

Concept of Immunity

When it comes to fighting with any sort of virus and infection our immune system is our first line of defense which plays a pivotal role in keeping our body safe from very disease cause bacteria and virus.  When our immunity is optimal it keeps us safe from these viruses and infection however if the immune system of the body is weak then it makes us more susceptible for the attack of virus and bacteria hence there are more chances of getting sick with infections.

In Ayurveda immunity is known by the word Vyadishamathva that is derived from two words Vyadhi that means Disease and Kshamathva that is resistance. This is further derived into two forms.

Vyadhi Bala Viroditvam– it refers to the capacity of the body to fight against the manifested disease.

Vyadhi Utpadaka Pradibandhakatvam– it is the capacity of the body against pathogens to form disease.

Cause of weak immune system

The main cause of the weaker immune system is due to the erratic lifestyle and sedentary lifestyle. Here are some of the major causes of the weaker immune system:

Too much intake of sugar

Obesity or being overweight


Too much consumption of alcohol and smoking

Lack of sleep

Symptoms of a weak immune system

Feeling lethargic every time

When you are continuously feeling lethargic then it is a sign of a weaker immune system. Since your body is putting all the strength in fighting against the pathogen hence your whole capacity of the body goes into winning battles. This can make you feel lethargic all the time.

Frequent stomach troubles

According to Ayurveda, your gut is the key to the optimal immune system. Our stomach and intestine in-house most of the good gut bacteria that kill harmful substances and eliminate the toxins from the body. So if you are suffering from constant diarrhea, frequent gas and constipation then your immunity is compromised.

Frequent cold

With the changing seasons, it is very likely for your body to catch a cold twice or thrice in a year. However, the problem is that you are frequently catching a cold that too lasts for more than seven to eight days then it is a sign for weaker immunity. Generally, it takes 2 to 3 days for our body immune system to make antibodies to fight these infections but if it is taking more than that then you might look into this.

Your wounds take a longer time to heal

If your wounds are healing faster than it is a sign of healthy immunity cells as the skin is unable to regenerate if the immune system is pretty weak. If your immune system is strong then it will increase the blood flow to that area along with white blood cells and heals your wound much faster.

You are prone to infections

When your immune system is weak then your body is more susceptible to germs and infection. If you kept getting cold, mouth ulcer and other infections that means you need to look out for the ways to improve your immunity.

How you can strengthen your immunity

When it comes to Ayurvedic treatments in Rishikesh immunity comes on the front line, however, if you are not opting for treatment then making certain changes in your lifestyle can improve your immunity.

  • Start your day with oil pulling and warm salt water gargling to kill any virus from our oral cavity. Practice Jala neti to clean your nasal passage.
  • Drink concoction of warm lemon honey water in the morning to detoxify your body. It will also ease your bowel movement and fuel digestive system.
  • Daily practice yoga and pranayama in the morning sun as it reduces stress which is the foremost enemy of the immune system, improves your blood circulation and improves your lung capacity.
  • Eat whole food over processed and junk food. Cook your own meal with fresh herbs and spices which not only make your meal healthy and nutritious but also increase the absorption of nutrient in the body.
  • Make an herbal warm concoction of ginger, tulsi, black pepper, turmeric and cinnamon and sip on it daily.