How To Stop Hairfall Naturally And Ayurvedic Way

Whether it is men or women hairfall is the problem that affected everyone at some point in their life. Every single person experiences some sort of hairfall every day but to an extent that it started worrying you is a sign that you need to pay attention to it. Nowadays many people show the sign of premature greying and balding of hair unlike earlier when people used to think that the only reason for hairfall is getting older. These days thinning of hair and hair loss are something that has become very common among the majority of the people.  There are many reasons to that include anemia, thyroid and use of the excessive chemical on the hairs, hair straightening, and keratin treatments. These chemicals weaken the hair follicles that lead to hairfall. Apart from that stress and anxiety, poor nutrition, poor lifestyle choices make hairfall very prominent.

How Ayurveda helps in reducing hairfall??

The ayurvedic treatment of hairfall is based on balancing the three vital doshas of the human body that are– Vata, pitta and Kapha. When there is an imbalance in your inner Prakriti (dosha) it can lead to hairfall hence In order to stop hairfall and successful hair growth you have to maintain a balance in your dosha but also have to make prominent lifestyle changes. As Ayurveda is not about mere prevention it’s a lifestyle.

How your doshas affect your hair loss

Our dosha plays a very prominent role in maintaining the health of your hair. The imbalance in Vata dosha makes your hair dry, frizzy and brittle that leads to hairfall.

The imbalance in pitta dosha leads to inflammation in your root follicles that weakens the roots that lead to thinning of hairs, premature greying and eventually leads to hairfall.

Generally, Kapha has thick and lustrous hair and when the imbalance in Kapha dosha leads to excessively oily hair that blocks the follicles of the hairs due to extra sebum hence leads to hair fall.

Ayurvedic treatments to stop hair fall naturally

There are various therapies suggested in Ayurveda that are available in Ayurvedic centers in Rishikesh. Here are some of the therapies recommended in Ayurveda:


Shirodhara therapy is one of the most effective hair remedies to stop hair fall. It is derived from the word Shiro that means head and Dhara refers to flow. In the Shirodhara treatment warm herbal / medicated oil is poured over your forehead from the container hung above your head and the therapist gently massages your scalp that immensely calms your nervous system. Shirodhara balances Vata and pitta dosha in your body, increased blood circulation in your head hence reduced hair fall and better hair growth.

Shiro abhyanga

In the therapy of Shiro abhyanga the warm medicated herbal oil is poured down on the head, neck and upper back and shoulder and the therapist massages onto these points to stimulate the pressure points in those areas. This therapy cools down the heat from the head and releases the stress from these areas that help in nourishing the roots and scalp. It improves the blood and oxygen supply in the scalp and upper body that prevents premature greying of hair and stimulate mood-enhancing hormones that make you happy. The regular practice of Shiro abhyanga promotes healthy and luscious hair growth.


In shirolepa various ayurvedic herbs in dry powdered form are mixed into a fine paste and applied it on your scalp that helps in eliminating dandruff, control frizz and repairing split ends and reduced hair fall. This therapy helps in pacifying excess pitta dosha and provides deep nourishment to your scalp. Apart from that shirolepa relieves you from migraines, insomnia and headaches and also helps in improving the texture of your skin.


Nasya is one of the most effective therapies when it comes to treating hair fall as it treated the imbalance in tridoshas. It is one of the most effective treatment and is an integral part of panchakarma treatment in Rishikesh. In this warm medicated oil is instilled in through your nose as a daily practice that provides you relief from various ailments. You can also perform nasya at home with sesame oil or ghee. The regular practice of Nasya also clears the sinuses hence aid in improving immunities.


Apart from these Ayurvedic therapies uses ayurvedic herbs for deep cleansing of the scalp such as Triphala, shikakai, amla as these herbs will boost your hair growth by providing deep nourishment to your scalp by deep cleansing. Make sure to wash your hair at least twice or thrice in a week by these herbs to keep your scalp healthy and make your hair strong and luscious. Along with these Ayurvedic treatments to stop hair fall take care of your food habit, stay away from stress, and your sleep cycle for long luscious locks.