How To Boost Your Immunity Naturally | AYM Ayurveda School

A strong and robust immune system helps to keep a person healthy and strong also a need time too. Our immune system is consist of tissues, organs, cells and protein and together all these carry out the functions in our body and fights with bacteria, a virus that causes disease to the body. When our body immune system comes in the contact of a foreign body or a virus it releases antibodies in the bloodstream and kills bacteria or virus. Amid this pandemic going on this period where even a seasonal change can cause an infection, it has become more essential to strengthen our immunity.

In Ayurveda, there are so many wonderful practices in Ayurveda that helps in boosting immunity. These techniques are so simple yet effective and can be part of our daily dincharya. Right from its origin this ancient science of Ayurveda has been overcoming the illness of people. In Ayurveda, there are many practices like abhyanga and panchakarma that helps in detoxification and building immunity.

Apart from them here are some tips to build your immune system naturally with the help of Ayurveda at home.

Eat fresh and easily digested food

To protect and maintain the Ojas eating fresh and easily digested food that helps to intend the Agni or digestive fire. Consumed fresh and whole food instead of processed sugary food that slows down your Agni and lower your Ojas. Besides fresh fruits and vegetables eat food consumes cereals and legumes and some good dairy products to build immunity. Also, eating mindfully to enhance your digestion and strong immune system. Sit in silence, try to chew your food thoroughly and enjoy it so that you get the maximum benefit of it. This will ensure its proper digestion and a robust body.

Add mild spices to your food

It is very important to eat food that is warm and blend with a variety of spices that don’t disturb the prana of the food like turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger and other herbs. These spices help in smooth facilitation of the digestion and absorption of the nutrients from the food. Not only these spices give your food a nice aroma but also have some healing properties that add to its value. Spices like turmeric have anti-inflammatory properties and cumin helps in reducing the ama from the body. You can also use these spices to make herbal tea and sip on it throughout the day.

Take adequate sleep

Taking adequate and quality sleep at night helps in healing of body and boosting the immune system of the body. Studies have shown body heals itself when we sleep and sleep deprivation can lead to a severe immune loss. Try to sleep according to circadian rhythm and take out your journal and write your gratitude on it and cut your electronic usage one hour prior to bed. It will help you to get a good night sleep.

Sweat it out

According to Ayurveda daily exercise should be the part of your dincharya as it helps in releasing the tension accumulated in your body. It also boosts Agni which is highly necessary for a healthy immune system and robust digestion. It helps in moving the stagnant energy in the body, boost detoxification of the body and support Ojas or body immune system. A daily walk of 20 minutes followed by yoga and meditation helps in boosting the immune system naturally. Yoga moves the prana in the body, helps in removing stagnant tension from tissues. One can also start learning yoga from online yoga classes as there are some yoga school in Rishikesh are offering online yoga course.


Stress takes a toll on the body and suppresses the immune system. A meditation helps in releasing stress and anxiety and calms the nervous system and stimulate our immune system.  Certain practice like yoga Nidra and any sort of meditation cultivate the habit of mindfulness soothes our endocrine system and boost our body mechanism towards foreign germs and viruses.

Bottoms line; maintaining balance is necessary for a healthy immune system

Rather than curing a mere disease Ayurveda sees this whole as a lack of balance in our body system and addresses the real problem by maintaining it. This ancient system has a very balanced approach to health with less side effect and much advantages. All the above practices help in achieving that balance in the body and boost our body immunity naturally.