How to boost your digestion in winters with Ayurveda

Winter is the season when most of the people love to stay indoors snuggled in their bed while sipping on their tea and coffee.  As the season of dark and chilly winter day comes with the need of getting cozy and eat all the comfort food. It is the time to enjoy the sweets, heavy and spicy food and try out various type of vegetables, fruits and other recipes. According to Ayurveda, digestive fire becomes stronger that gives the individual the capacity to consume and digest heavy food. However, the continuous exposure to cold and low temperature can slow down the metabolism this can give you digestion a severe blow.

So how can you boost your digestion in winter season?? The answer lies in Ayurveda. The ancient science of Ayurveda shares the seasonal guide of food to stay healthy in winter. The Ayurveda emphasis on creating a balance in between dosha of individuals with the winter season.

Ayurveda and winter

As the season changes the requirement of the body also changes. During winter the mucus membrane of the body become irritated that make us more susceptible to cold, virus and flu due to weakened immunity. According to Ayurveda winter is marked as a Kapha season hence the secret to boost your digestive fire in winter is to balance the dosha. This can be achieved by consuming the right kind of food according to the season.

AYM Ayurveda school in Rishikesh has come up with some tips that will help in boosting the digestion in the winter.

Eat your winter vegetables

According to the Ayurveda consuming winter vegetables such as carrots, beet, sweet potato and radish are excellent for consumption in winter. Also, winter greens vegetables such as kale, fenugreek spinach, cholai and mustard green are the best to regulate your bowel movement and digestive system as they are loaded with dietary fibre. The high dietary fibre food will help in keeping you full for a longer duration of time and also keep your weight in check. Eat your green in your sabzis, rolls and wraps that will also stop you from binging on junk food.

Warm your food with herbs and spices

Winter is the perfect season to warm up your food with herbs and spices that will improve your digestion.  Add cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom and nutmeg in your soup and vegetables as these are proven to boost the digestive fire and also strengthen your immune system.  Apart from soups and sabzis you can also add them in your desserts.


Termed as a sattvic food in Ayurveda ghee not only help in proper assimilation of nutrients in the body but also maintain the optimal gut biome for healthy digestion. It also nourishes all the organs and tissue of the body including your nervous system. It consists of many fat-soluble vitamins which help in balancing hormones and also aid in effective weight loss. Use it in making your gajar ka halwa or moong dal ka halwa to keep your body warm in this winter season.

Load on dietary fibre

Consuming high fibre food in winter help in promoting optimal digestion and promote healthy bowel movement. High fibre food such as cholai, spinach and mustard greens plays a vital role in keeping your blood sugar level check and maintain the heart health. It bulks up the stool and promotes easy elimination that helps in managing weight. Apart from greens, leafy vegetables eat carrots, radish and guava to increase your fiber intake.

Sip on warm water

Sipping on hot water is the best way to balance the Kapha dosha in winter. Sipping on warm water in the morning is the best way to kick start your digestive system as it helps in flushing the toxins out of the body. Also, sipping on warm water in the winter keep your body warm and improve the blood circulation of the body.


Oil massage has a special place when it comes to ayurvedic treatment in Rishikesh. Oil massage leads to release the lactic acid and toxins that are deeply seated in tissue and muscles. In winter special massaging technique such as udarvartanam has a special place in ayurvedic treatment in Rishikesh in which horse gram flour is mixed with sesame oil for massage and also the practice of abhyanga which is highly practiced in Ayurveda is recommended in winters.


Any sort of exercise is a must in winter as it prepares your body for winter. Practice inverted yoga pose such as downward facing dog and Sarvangasana to improve the circulation of lymph in the body. It, not only keep our immunity strong but increased blood circulation will also keep your digestive health optimal. You can also join a yoga Ayurveda teacher training in Rishikesh where you can learn some seasonal yoga poses that are apt for winter. Start a decent yoga routine and you will be amazed that even a decent round of sun salutation will do wonder for digestive and overall health.

We know that in winter digestive issues are very common but following these Ayurvedic tips will help in keeping your digestive issue at bay.