Be Enhanced With Ayurveda Massage Course

Application of warm oil on the body might seem a very simple practice to you but in Ayurveda, it is considered a very powerful process to maintain the overall wellness of the body. Now you might be thinking that what wonder a mere process applying warm oil can do to our body. However, our skin is one of the largest organs of the body, and the process of ayurvedic massage help in rectifying the imbalance of the body according to the therapist of AYM Ayurveda school in Rishikesh. Ayurveda massage practice, also known as abhyanga is one of the most popular massages in the traditional practice of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic massage is done with specially formulated oils that contain special properties. It not only relaxes your body but also energize your body. It detoxifies your body by flushing out the toxins of the body and helps in removing any sort of physical and mental ailment.

Ayurveda massage is a comprehensive massage treatment that solely focuses on the health of the patient. It improves the muscle’s strength and leaves the skin glowy and supple.

Benefits of ayurvedic massages

Ayurvedic massages are one of the most effective tools for the management of pain

It improves the blood circulation of the body and removes toxins from the body

It helps your body to relax and release tension from the body

It improves the flexibility of the body

It helps in bringing harmony to the body by balancing doshas

Ayurveda massage course at AYM Ayurveda school in Rishikesh

AYM Ayurveda school in Rishikesh is offering an Ayurveda massage course Rishikesh for people who want to learn the correct procedure of doing ayurvedic massage so that they can use it for their professional endeavor in the future. The duration of this ayurvedic massage course is 7 days where you will be trained by our professional ayurvedic practitioners who are masters of this field. The Ayurveda massage course includes theoretical and practical teaching on ayurvedic massage.

In this massage course, you will be learning all the basic principles of Ayurveda and the importance of ayurvedic massage. In this massage course, you will learn about different types of oils and how you can use them to treat a certain health condition. You will also learn about the properties of various herbal oils that are used in ayurvedic massages and which oil is apt for particular dosha. So, this Ayurveda massage course in Rishikesh will train you the students about the usage of correct oil according to the need and dosha of the students.

The highlight of the ayurvedic massage course in Rishikesh

Introduction to the basic principles of Ayurveda

Learn about dhatus, doshas, and Prakriti (to identify the body type)

Learn about the properties of common ayurvedic herbs and oils

Theory and practical session of abhyanga and sarvanga abhyanga

Shiro abhyanga, pada abhyanga

Technique of swedana therapies, Patra potli

Certificate of completion

 Why choose the AYM Ayurveda massage course in Rishikesh

This ayurvedic massage course in Rishikesh is designed to keep all the future aspects in the mind who will join the course. This massage course is highly beneficial for the health care professional or those people who want to learn more about Ayurvedic massages and make this a professional career. People who own their massage clinic can also get benefits from these courses as they can learn about the benefits of ayurvedic massages and apply them with clients. The AYM ayurvedic school in Rishikesh conducts this ayurvedic massage course in Rishikesh which is also known as the world yoga capital. Here in the course students will learn each and every aspect of ayurvedic massages to ensure maximum learning. The practical session will let you apply all the theory lessons you have learned so that you can have a more authentic experience. Come and join AYM Ayurveda school in Rishikesh to learn every knowledge about ayurvedic massages.

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