Ayurvedic Diet And Lifestyle Recommendations For Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder that is spreading rapidly all across the globe to a sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary habits. It is a chronic condition that causes an excess amount of sugar in the patient blood that happens when our body is not able to produce insulin or not able to use the insulin it produces in an effective manner to manage the blood sugar levels. This lack of insulin leads to the excess production of sugar in the blood which leads to the condition known as hyperglycemia that means the body has an excess amount of glucose in the blood and it can affect the regular functioning of the kidneys, heart, nervous system etc.

Diabetes as the ayurvedic perspective

According to Ayurveda poor digestion is the root cause of diabetes which is also referred to as madhumey. In Ayurveda, it is considered as an ailment where the patient passes sweet urine due to excess sugar in the blood that it started passing through urine hence also known as glucosuria. According to Ayurveda one of the major causes of diabetes is a poor lifestyle and dietary habits such as lack of physical exercise, stress and excessive consumption of Kapha aggravating food such as oily food, curd, junk food and also some genetic factors. Being a traditional medicine Ayurveda not only concentrate on curing the disease but also leading life in a healthy way that prevents it from recurring.

According to Ayurveda diabetes is a dhatupaka janya vikruti or an ailment that can cause metabolic imbalance because of excess Vata dosha (type 1) or Kapha dosha (type 2). Hence it is recommended to avoid any fatty or fried food and dairy product to the maximum extent.

Ayurveda and diabetes: dietary modification

Ayurveda is a pearl of wisdom accumulated thousands of years that offers us all the tools that are necessary to reinstate balance in our body. Ayurveda suggests that careful meal planning is one the simplest yet powerful for the effective management of diabetes. Here are a few dietary habits one must include in a diabetic patient plan:

Go on whole grain

Whole grain such as barley, whole wheat, brown rice, corn and rye are best for consumption. Whole food is highly effective in regulating glycemic response hence increase insulin sensitivity and its secretion. It also improves the functioning of the pancreas gland which is highly beneficial for diabetic patient.

Eat fresh fruit and vegetable

Regular yet conscious and mindful consumption of fresh fruits and vegetable can lead to an improved glycemic index, enhanced antioxidant defense system and minimal risk of diabetic retinopathy and other aspects of diabetes. Fruit like peaches, pear, grapefruit is wonderful for diabetic patient. Avoid canned juices and fruit such as pineapple as this is high on sugar.

Include all green leafy vegetable in your diet such as spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, kale etc. As per Ayurveda bitter vegetables are considered as best for diabetic patient. Hence consider including bitter gourd, pointed gourd, fenugreek, kale in your diet.

Cook your food with spices

Always cook your food with spices as this will not only help in enhancing the taste and flavor of the food but also improve your digestion as well which is highly beneficial for a diabetic patient. Use spices such as cumin, garlic, fenugreek seeds, ginger, curry leaves, cinnamon and coriander seeds in your daily cooking as these spices are proved as potential anti-diabetic agents. Adding these spices to your vegetables improve your glucose tolerance in long term.

Include nut in your diet

Include almonds, walnut, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, pistachio and sunflower seed in your diet. These are high in good fats like omega 3 fatty acid, fiber and protein that altogether keep blood sugar level low and improve insulin resistance. However, it is important to soak these nuts and dry fruits in water and peeled off before consumption.

Avoid food such as

  • Heavy salt intake
  • Processed and fried food
  • White sugar
  • Baked goodies and cold beverages
  • Dairy products

Ayurvedic lifestyle

According to Ayurveda establishing a balanced routine is beneficial for a diabetic patient. Here are some lifestyle modifications one should make in their life for a healthy living.

Wake up early

Even though waking up early seems a big challenge to you but when after waking up before 6 am in the morning you will feel fresh and well-rested. According to Ayurveda time between 6:00 am to 10:00 pm is Kapha dominant hence if you sleep during that period you will feel sluggish all day.

Practice yoga every day

It is a well-known fact that any sort of physical exercise improves insulin sensitivity by allowing our muscles to utilize optimal glucose from the bloodstream during or after physical activity. As per Ayurveda yoga is one of the best forms of exercise as its emphasis on breathing, movement and mindfulness. A regular practice not only lowers the blood glucose level but also lower any chances of infection or ketosis. AYM Ayurveda school in Rishikesh is offering one of the best Ayurveda yoga teacher training in Rishikesh where you can learn yoga according to your Prakriti and also according to your health condition.

Calm yourself with yogic breathing (pranayama)

Stress is one of the major causes of diabetes and breathing practices such as pranayama is highly beneficial when it comes to stress reduction. Also, regular practice of pranayama will lower high blood pressure which is important for a diabetic patient. At our ayurvedic retreat in Rishikesh, you will learn yogic breathing(pranayama) along with yoga and meditation which will let you relax, calm and improve your overall wellbeing.

Establish these strong diet and lifestyle habits to prevent diabetes from occurring in the first place. However, if you are a patient then these modifications will not only prevent it from worsening but also effectively manage it.