Ayurveda and Panchakarma: Cleanse Your Body Refresh Your Mind

Have you got the feeling that your body is feeling unwell and slightly off? You get extremely lethargic throughout the day even after getting a good sleep?? Then it is a sign that your body needs a complete detox and cleansing that will rejuvenate your whole body and improve its vitality and foster a sense of calmness, clarity in your nervous system and overall vigor. Ayurveda is the best way to detox and cleanse your whole body. Famous as the science of life Ayurveda is a powerful transformational tool to cleanse and detox your whole system. It offers a diverse range of therapies and tools to achieve the optimal health and balance in your mind-body system.

Ayurveda; a refined system of healing

When it comes to Ayurveda, it thoroughly believes in the principles that everybody is unique and there is no such method to heal everyone. Instead, it teaches us to honor the individual uniqueness and create a way to improve the sense of balance and wellbeing in our lives for authentic healing. According to Ayurveda the digestive fire or Agni influences our health more than anything; if digestive Agni is not strong it affects our overall health in a very uncomfortable way. Impaired digestive Agni leads to the accumulation of toxins in our body that leads to various ailments. To support the digestive Agni Ayurveda suggest a whole body cleanse as a most effective means. A cleanse strengthens the digestive Agni throughout the whole system and initiate the powerful process of healing at every level.

Ayurvedic cleansing is mainly focused on the removal of ama (toxins) and excess doshas (Vata, pitta and Kapha) out of the deep-seated tissues into the digestive tract for their effective elimination. It results in an improved sense of overall balance, health and wellbeing.

Path of Ayurvedic cleansing

Ayurveda suggests regular and periodic cleansing as an important part of the lifestyle. According to Ayurvedic treatments in Rishikesh, the specific approach towards cleansing is done after taking the consideration of an individual constitution (doshas), balance, age, strength and influence of season and environment on the person. Generally, Ayurvedic treatments in Rishikesh are centered around simplifying diet supported with lifestyle practices with the goal of strengthening digestive Agni and restoring the ojas of the body. The cleansing process is both curative and preventive in nature as it reinvigorates the body innate defense system and enhances its capacity to rejuvenate and renew.

Panchkarma: a traditional method of cleansing your mind-body system

According to AYM Ayurvedic school in Rishikesh Panchakarma is the traditional and signature cleansing therapy in Ayurveda.  As per AYM Ayurveda School in Rishikesh Panchakarma therapy in Rishikesh is a very individualized and elaborated process hence is carried out with the help of expert Ayurvedic practitioner. The length of a panchakarma cleansing program depends on the individual’s needs.

Panchakarma or a system of five powerful practices that are highly personalized and allow the body to get rid of the toxins effectively from the body that has been accumulated inside the body from a long time and created blockages in the body. The practice of panchakarma cleansing is not just limited to the digestive tract it addresses your whole mind-body system by eliminating ama from the body and restoring body ojas.

The process of panchakarma involves three phases

Purva Karma (preparatory phase)

These steps required before the major cleansing treatments that soften the tissues so that the toxins accumulated in those tissues are liquefied and move into the digestive tract. This involves three steps

Pachan karma: This first step involves the improvement of digestive Agni with the help of fasting and herbs that will enable the patient to digest ghee which is very important to liquefy the toxins especially fat-soluble.

Snehan karma

In this patient is given the medicated ghee for the effective elimination of toxins which is deeply seated in tissues.

Swedan karma

In this process full body steam bath is given to the individual that opens the pores of the body for the more easy facilitation of toxins from various body tissues to the digestive system.

The pradhan karma

This is the main karma or steps of panchakarma treatment in Rishikesh that cleanses the entire body and includes the following steps


Comprises of therapeutic induced vomiting that clears the upper gastrointestinal tract and the part of respiratory tract also.

Virechana: Comprises of therapeutic purgation with the help of oral administration of laxative herbs.

Nasya:  It includes the nasal inhalation of medicated oil that clears the respiratory tract and strengthens the whole nasal passage.


This includes suction of impurities from the blood with the help of needles and suction cups.

Anuvasana (enema therapy): this includes the enema with the help of medicated oil that allows the removal of the accumulated toxin from the colon.

Paschat karma

This is the post-therapy that helps to restore the body ojas and Agni to a normal and balanced state. It includes diet, Rasayana and rejuvenating therapy along with herbs intake and lifestyle changes. It includes the following steps

Sansarjan Karma: It comprises of food therapy after a successful detox

Rasayan adi prayogam: comprises of Rasayana therapy to enhance your overall wellbeing.

Shaman chikitsa: It is a pacification therapy with the inclusion of herbs and lifestyle discipline.

Panchakarma treatment in Rishikesh can take from 7 to 21 days depends upon individual needs and should be carried out under the guidance of an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner.