9 Ayurvedic tips for healing back pain | AYM Ayurveda School In Rishikesh

Do you have a pain in your neck and back; lower back pain is not an ailment, it is just a symptom or a sign that can arise from many reasons like incorrect posture and some underlying problems. Lower back pain can arise due to lifting heavyweight and moving things in bad posture; often, tearing and overstretching of muscle can lead to lower back pain. No matter what is the reason, lower back pain can severely affect your life as it stops you from doing your daily activities like walking, your professional life, and many more.

Understanding the reason for chronic back pain with Ayurveda

However, Ayurveda, a sister science of yoga, has a different opinion- it accepts the pain. According to Ayurveda, the pain shows that the pain intends to give us an underlying message which we have been ignoring, and now it is the time to watch out for it.

Ayurveda says that if there is a pain, then there is an accumulation of Vata dosha in your body. Due to various faulty dietary habits like too much junk food, caffeinated drinks and other lifestyle habits aggravate Vata dosha. The aggravated doshas travel to the body channels and accumulated in our blocked channels that cause pain in our bodies. In Ayurveda, the lower back pain is known as Kati Graha.

Our body constitutes of five elements- ether, air, water, fire, and earth; while pitta dosha is made of fire and water element. Kapha constitutes water and earth element, and Vata dosha is made of air elements and involved with lower back pain. 

Here are some of the helpful ayurvedic tips to relieve you from back pain:

 Take care of your diet: Our body is what we eat, as it is said that food is one of the most powerful healers. In Ayurveda it is advised to eat warm food to pacify Vata dosha. Avoid cold food and drinks as they cause an increase in Vata doshas that can elevate in Vata dosha. Well, balanced, warm, perfectly seasoned foods provide expansion in your body channels and allow it effective ejection.


Usage of Ayurvedic herbs: 

usage of herbs like ginger and turmeric help in reducing inflammation and its related pain and chamomile, kava kava, passionflower help in pain related to tension. Back pain is a result of both inflammation and stress-related pain; hence the combination of these herbs in food will help in curbing in back pain.

Avoid pungent spices:

 Avoid peppery and spicy food as these have a very drying effect on our body. This dryness in the body can aggravate Vata dosha in our body, and that can lead to the problem of constipation and lower back pain.

Avoid cold:

 We all have noticed that when our body is cold, our pain increases since Vata is the air element, and cold weather increases Vata element in the body. This is the reason we apply a heating pad on our achy muscle as it provides instant relief hence try to stay warm as possible.


In Ayurveda, the practice of oil massage and Snehana and abhyanga is an imperative therapy for all ailments. The regular practice of oil massage helps in reducing pain as it increases blood circulation, pacify Vata, and reduces the stiffness of joints and relaxes your body. Massaging your body with herbal oil helps in the depletion of accumulated Vata dosha.

Include ajwain seed:

 Ajwain seed are highly beneficial in relieving lower back pain and constipation. Boil one teaspoon ajwain seed in water and sip on this tea after your dinner. This will help in relieving you from back pain. Unless you are suffering from the heat-related problem, you can sip on ajwain tea.

Practice gentle yoga asana: 

When we are in pain, we tend to avoid any bodily movement, but restricting any movement will increase your problem as it leads to the accumulation of lactic acid in your body that causes pain. Practice gentle yoga poses like standing forward bend, and other stretches will remove that congestion by eliminating that accumulation and increasing your blood and lymph circulation. At AYM Ayurveda, we offer various Ayurveda yoga courses where we teach you a certain set of yoga that will help you with your back pain.

Practice pranayama: 

Anumloma viloma is considered as one of the most beneficial practices to balance Vata dosha. Practicing deep and conscious breathing help in relieving you from lower back pain and other Vata related dosha such as osteoarthritis etc. You will also learn various benefits of pranayama in 200-hour yoga Ayurveda teacher training.

Essential oil to rescue: 

Various essential oil like rosemary, peppermint, and sweet ginger oil help in lowering back pain and other benefits. Chronic back pain comes with a lot of stress and tension; essential oil help in bringing that sense of peace and calmness when you are in deep pain. It is also beneficial in curing insomnia that accompanies chronic back pain.